To learn the Inner Arts.

And what are the inner arts?

We all have heard of them, seen them in special people, people who are more:

creative, productive, stronger, imaginative, deeper, resilient, positive, wiser, and aware than the average person.

We have actually felt the inner arts on unique occasions. Those were the times when we were the most engaged, energized, connected, strong, positive, smart, and creative. Life felt different and was different, then.

But most days, weeks, dare I say, months don’t feel the way we want them to.

We feel stuck,
our inner world is in conflict or
we just want to sit on the couch most evenings.

We never seem to get done what we want to get done

never tap the riches we know we have.

We may even feel downright ill,
burned out,
feel de-energized most of the time.

Stress has become our most vocal roommate.

We have lost our spark
and with it,
we have lost our creativity.

We see more of overwhelm, scatteredness, and lack of confidence than we do our friends.

Ugh. Things have got to get better. Whatever happen to our dreams of doing something more, something else? How can we be one of those who has mastered the inner arts?

You Get the Tools

Thank goodness there are specific things to do to improve our lives. That truth is what set me on the road decades ago to research, learn, practice. Much I had to do, I had to do the hard way, that is, pull things together on my own.

But, I’ve also had help from some of the best experts. Experts I made sure to meet and to jump through the hoops of their training.

Some of my Inner Arts teachers…

Eric Maisel
coaching creatives

Les Fehmi, Susan Shor-Fehmi and Judith Pennington (not pictured)
brainwave biofeedback equipment for stress control, meditation, and insights

Monte Ullman and Jeremy Taylor
capturing and working with dreams for creativity, insights, wellness

David Bresler and Mark Lawrence
guided imagery, visualization, and imagination
for pain management, peak performance, stress reduction, wisdom, and inner work.

James Gordon
Mind-Body Medicine

It All Comes Together…for You

I’m constantly working to pull all this learning, research, experience from teaching others, and insights from my personal practice to develop a fresh, innovative, meaningful package of training highly useful to people like you. Learning and then teaching is my thing. I have done this for decades and I will never stop. Through much trial and error, and endless refinements…

My teaching is:
Easy to learn

I will share with you what I’ve learned on my journey around to the experts. I’ll save you the airfare, rental car costs, and motel charges. Not bad.

4 Ways to Learn The Inner Arts

Option 1:
Drop-in on  a Monthly Discussion and Practice Group

Nearly every month there is a drop-in instructional group (Meetup) in Alexandria (VA) or Bethesda (MD). These groups are informal and practical with time devoted to learning, sharing, and discussing.
Learn more



Option 2:
end a Workshop or Webinar

About quarterly, workshops/webinars are offered covering a topic a concentrated form so a lot can be learned in a few hours. Learn more

Option 3:
Read my Blogs

Tips, tools, and techniques are covered in blog posts. In-depth as well as quick 1-2-3 plans for action are covered. See the latest news on these very special topics, as well. Learn more


Option 4:
Watch my Videos

Videos concentrate on brief summaries and action steps ready to use instantly. Learn more

Where are The Inner Arts Taught?

Mapquest info for AlexandriaSacred Circle BooksMap here
See Sacred Circle Books website – here

Mapquest info for BethesdaThe Writer’s CenterMap here
See The Writer’s Center website – here

Get Started!

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