3 (or 4) Topics Covered Well and In-Depth

I stick with three or four, closely related topics (at least to me) and steadily sharpen my ability to convey what they are about in clear, concise, and action-oriented tips, tools, and techniques. I share what I’ve been taught, learned on the road, from my reviewing about a hundred videos and articles a month on these topics, and from people like you who attend my discussions and workshops.

Each event and media (my blogs and my videos) are quick, to the point, practical, affordable, and filled with how-to-do-it instructions. 

Before you go….

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Is this you…..can’t get an important creative project started? Can’t keep going? Frustrated you are not doing your potential? Not following thru on what you know how to do and want to do?

Face it, ARE A STUCK CREATIVE! No doubt about it!

Help is available for creatives (that means artists, inventors, performers, writers – anyone – who has a project in mind but just can’t get the darn thing done.)

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The Armchair Dreamer

We all have heard of the power of imagination but who ever showed us how to tap it?

Edison would make sure to slowly drift off to sleep when napping so he could catch ideas

Psychologist Carl Jung helped himself and his patients conquer all manner of issues

Dali, like Edison, got his surreal inspirations from coasting between waking and sleeping

Lindsey Vonn, alpine ski racer, gold medalist deeply visualizes every twist and turn her body will take hundreds of times before a competition.

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Stress is energy. Energy can take many forms. Some that take you up, push you down, and even forms that keep you calm.

Getting control of your stress energy can make for a great life.

This is what happens when people practice Wild Stress methods:

Stage 1. “I don’t know if this stuff will work but I’ll give it a try. It feels sort of good.”

Stage 2. “Hmmm, you know, this feels pretty good. It takes off the edge. I want to do more.”

Stage 3. “Strange. Much of the stuff that use to drive me nuts, somehow doesn’t bother me as much. Very strange.”

Stage 4. “I’m feeling great in fact, I actually look forward to doing these techniques. I want to spend more time with them and see where it takes me.”

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