We all have heard of the power of imagination but who ever showed us how to tap it?

Edison would make sure to slowly drift off to sleep when napping so he could catch ideas

Psychologist Carl Jung helped himself and his patients conquer all manner of issues

Dali, like Edison, got his surreal inspirations from coasting between waking and sleeping

Lindsey Vonn, alpine ski racer, gold medalist deeply visualizes every twist and turn her body will take hundreds of times before a competition.

With imagination, we can…
-day dream
-night dream
-receive insights
-mind travel to the beach or if we are spiritually-minded go to wonderful places and experience wonderful things
-redefine how we experience illness and pain
-rehearse new skills, to get closer to peak performance
-relax deeply
-energize sharply
-resolve inner conflicts
-find what we need to let go of the past and get ready for the future

-and much more

Our imagination is tremendously powerful, deep and broad in its effect. I know that listening and working with our imagination is something we all can learn (hey, if I can learn it, anyone can).

Want to learn about imagination? Want to experience imagination? – Go to a Meetup discussion group or take a workshop/webinar or follow the blog.

  • Learn how to slow, go inside, and settle down to release imagination (in only a few minutes)
  • Learn the landmarks to tell where you are in imagination and how to go deeper or come out of it
  • Learn how to visualize to shape your imagination to what you want
  • Learn how to release and let imagination guide you to what need to know
  • Learn about what tools, apps, and services can help you
  • Learn how to change yourself to be the imaginative person you want to be

Monthly Meetups are drop-in discussions and presentations guided by me. You can be a member of Meetup or not. Open to all who are interested in learning and sharing (optional) with others. No pre-registration is required. Fee: $5 donation appreciated. Watch the calendar at the bottom of this page to see when and where the next meeting is happening.
(If you are a member of Meetup, here’s the page to follow.)

Workshops and Webinars are meant to give a concentrated dose (2 to 3 hours per workshop) of practical, do-it-yourself, step-by-step instruction around how to solve a problem, jumpstart something, get you unstuck, or give the big perspective on something cool and important. Affordable fees are charged but you get your money’s worth by getting the best in a very short time.

Note: Workshops are occasional happenings, really, this is not a marketing ploy.  If you see something grab when you see because I might not offer it again. I do what I can but I can’t guarantee that some workshop will be around forever.

Sign-up to hear early about any Imagination Workshop or Webinar.

Night Dreams, Day-Dreams, and our Right-Brain….we dream throughout our day.  Wake up to see your dream life.

But being aware of this is tricky. Why should we bother?  Because our powerful ability to dream/imagine gives us:

  • brand new information on what is most important to us
  • new perspectives and the freedom to create new ideas, understandings, and combinations
  • a way to see what is going on below our surface thoughts into the mysterious and guiding unconscious
  • provides a way to see and communicate with our body and with parts of ourselves that often are in conflict
  • a way to inward to untangle problems and to move towards peak living

Gary Goodwin, here. Over the last decades, I’ve been busy deepening my knowledge and experience with visualizing, imagining, and dreaming. Of course, I had to supplement that training with experience in how to relax so we can get into the place where imagination comes alive.  That means classes (and certifications, in some) in: biofeedback, meditation, neurofeedback, and stress. Whew!

  • has led dream groups since 1991 and has received training from major dreamworkers Jeremy Taylor and Monte Ullman.
  • is a certified Interactive Guided Imagery guide (from the Academy for Guided Imagery, David Bresler)
  • Level 1 Guided Imagery and Music guide
  • Certificate of Completion, Imagery Work, Center for Healing and Imagery (with Mark Lawrence)
  • Continuing Education credits, with guided imagery expert, Belleruth Naperstak
  • Focusing training with Ann Weiser Cornell
  • Certified EEG Synchrony Trainer
  • Seminar 1, EEG Mind Mirror training
  • Certified Open Focus Meditation Coach
  • …and other stuff.

See Fireball Imagery Blog: Tips, tools, and techniques for The Armchair Dreamer




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