Is this you…..can’t get an important creative project started? Can’t keep going? Frustrated you are not doing your potential? Not following thru on what you know how to do and want to do?

Face it, ARE A STUCK CREATIVE! No doubt about it!

Learn How To Self-Coach to Get That Book, Painting, Screenplay, Idea, Invention or Any Other Project Started and Done

Got a project shoved away in the drawer and you can’t pick it up again? Don’t have a project but know you want to do more with your life?

Getting projects done is tough work, especially if they are something that is an “add-on”, meaning that this project is something we want to do when our regular life things are under control and done—our job, household stuff, visiting with friends, family, and pets, etc, etc., etc. When and how can we ever get down to our projects!?

Help is available for creatives (that means artists, inventors, performers, writers – anyone – who has a project in mind but just can’t get the darn thing done.)

What to do? Help! – Go to a Meetup discussion group or take a workshop/webinar or follow the blog.

  • Learn how to start a daily habit of being productive
  • Learn how to spot and deal with obstacles, excuses, and distractions
  • Learn how to deal with overwhelm, getting lost, over pushing, self-criticism and more
  • Learn about what tools, apps, and services can help you
  • Learn how to change yourself to be the creative and productive person you want to be

Monthly Meetups are drop-in discussions and presentations guided by me. You can be a member of Meetup or not. Open to all who are interested in learning and sharing (optional) with others. No pre-registration is required. Fee: $5 donation appreciated. Watch the calendar at the bottom of this page to see when and where the next meeting is happening.
(If you are a member of Meetup, here’s the page to follow.)

Workshops and Webinars are meant to give a concentrated dose (2 to 3 hours per workshop) of practical, do-it-yourself, step-by-step instruction around how to solve a problem, jumpstart something, get you unstuck, or give the big perspective on something cool and important. Affordable fees are charged but you get your money’s worth by getting the best in a very short time.

Note: Workshops are occasional happenings, really, this is not a marketing ploy.  If you see something grab when you see because I might not offer it again. I do what I can but I can’t guarantee that some workshop will be around forever.

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Instructor: Gary Goodwin has been trained by Eric Maisel, the father of Creativity Coaching and by other coaching experts. In addition to these skills, he has had training in tools important to peak performance such as imagery, performance psychology, the psychology of change, positive psychology, and has been trained in how to spot barriers to creativity such as anxiety, depression, frustration, and low self-confidence.

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